Worlds Longest Well - Drilling

The World's Longest Well

Enabling Growth.

Unlocking Energy.

Driving Sustainability.

At ADNOC Drilling, we break records for a reason.  This world-beating well, with a total length of 50,000 ft, enables significantly increased production capacity for our client, ADNOC Offshore. At the same time, we are minimizing our environmental footprint through extended reach drilling, as we mitigate the need for multiple conventional wells.  Our activities are delivering tangible business results, as we continue to outperform expectations and create value for our shareholders and the Nation.

Enabling Growth


Operational excellence and an aggressive expansion program driving shareholder value.

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Unlocking Energy


A key enabler of ADNOC’s production capacity targets and gas self-sufficiency for the UAE.

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Driving Sustainability


A laser focus on reducing and eliminating emissions from our operations, wherever we can.

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ADNOC Drilling at a glance

115 rigs

Our expansive drilling fleet empowers us to efficiently drill a wide range of oil and gas wells.


5 million

We are committed to enabling ADNOC to reach its oil and gas production targets ahead of schedule.

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We offer outstanding career opportunities for experienced energy-sector professionals.

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¹ 3 October 2021 to 3 October 2022. 
² These figures include the interim H2 2021 dividend of $325 million, in addition to the interim H1 2022 dividend of $341 million (an increase of 5% from the previous sum as per company’s     progressive dividend policy).
³ Net profit figure comprises $604 million from full year 2021, in addition to $282 million reported for half year 2022. 
⁴ Since publicly listing on 3 October 2021