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Building on a path of expansion and growth

At ADNOC Drilling, we are set on a path of expansion and growth that is built on more than 50 years of reliable and robust performance as ADNOC’s sole drilling partner.

With plans to further grow our rig fleet, enhance services and expand domestic and regional operations, we continue to tirelessly refine the way we work, leveraging smart drilling techniques and engineering solutions, building our capabilities so we can be even more cost efficient as we drill more wells.

ADNOC Drilling provides hydraulic fracturing or fracture stimulation, which is an important operation carried out to unlock the potential of ADNOC’s unconventional energy resources.

Based on the successful start of our fracturing operations, we plan to drill 100% of ADNOC's unconventional wells, including approximately 300 wells based at the Ruwais Diyab concession area.

Fracturing works by pumping tiny solids and/or specially designed fluids underground at high pressures to ‘crack’ subsurface rock in order to increase the hydrocarbon flow to the well.

A typical fracture operation requires high Hydraulic Horse Power (HHP) pumps along with high-rate blenders and hydration units to mix tailored fluid and tiny solids (proppants), which are pumped down-hole.

ADNOC's strategic partnership with Baker Hughes in 2018, enabled ADNOC Drilling to become the first provider of Integrated Drilling Services (IDS) in the region. 

This has allowed us to act as the sole interface with our customers in delivering start-to-finish drilling and well-construction services, and to enhance our project management, and Oil Field Services (OFS) capabilities. By optimizing our operations, leveraging combined expertise, and gaining access to leading technology solutions and advanced drilling techniques, we have succeeded in achieving lower production costs and higher efficiencies, while implementing improved safety measures.  

We own some of the most advanced onshore, offshore and island rigs in the world, and constantly adopt advanced technologies, digitalization, and innovative drilling techniques to drive performance, enhance drilling operations and improve well economics.

We have the largest fleet of rigs for a national drilling company in the region and we plan to acquire more rigs in the future.

With plans to continuously expand our rig fleet, we are committed to investing in and maintaining the most modern and technologically innovative rigs in the world. These include the acquisition of rigs equipped with onboard digital systems that allow us to drill thousands more wells efficiently and competitively, helping us to strengthen ADNOC’s position as a global leading low-cost producer of crude oil.

ADNOC’s Real Time Monitoring Center (RTMC) is capable of monitoring over 120 drilling sites simultaneously, and contributed to enabling a 30% reduction in well duration over four years (2016-2019).

We use Integrity eXplorer™ (INTeX), an industry-exclusive sensor technology, that delivers data at the rig site to immediately address well integrity issues and has contributed to 30% savings in well logging time.

Our Reservoir Characterization eXplorer (RCX) measures formation pressure and obtains clean fluid samples, saving many hours during operations.

The MR Explorer™ (MREX™) is a ‘best-in-class’ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance logging service (NMR) that ultimately enhances hydrocarbon recovery and pinpoints the most profitable areas of the reserve to drill into.

We use automated drilling systems that display data on an interface, providing our drillers with more control and an autopilot system that adjusts with well conditions.