Operations and Services - Drilling

Operations and Services


Our Onshore fleet consists of 75 land rigs, of varying specifications, including several high-capacity workover rigs, empowering us to drill a wide range of oil and gas wells and handle the most challenging drilling programs effectively and efficiently.

Comprising land drilling, completion and workover services to ADNOC Onshore, ADNOC Sour Gas, Al Dhafra, and other Abu Dhabi based customers in fields such as Bab, Bu Hasa, Dabbiyah, Sahil and Shah, our Onshore segment provides onshore drilling and workover rigs, equipment and associated services and personnel.  


Our Offshore fleet of 31 jackup rigs is outfitted with high-specification equipment and is capable of drilling wells to maximum depths ranging from 18,000 to 30,000 feet and in maximum water depths ranging from 110 to 350 feet.

We also leverage the concept of cluster drilling on ADNOC’s artificial islands, which were developed to eliminate the requirement to drill in several locations offshore, while reducing the potential impact on our marine environment.  


We own and operate a fleet of 10 island rigs.

To enable drilling on the artificial islands, we acquired state-of-the-art island rigs with integrated low-pressure hydraulic walking systems that allow rigs to move between well sites without the need for dismantling ensuring faster, safer, and reduced drilling costs as well as carbon emissions and environmental impact. 

Our Offshore Island segment is composed of artificial island drilling services, including the provision of rigs, equipment, and island rig services, as well as transportation, catering, diesel supply, and camp construction and accommodation.  

Oil Field Services (OFS)

Our Oil Field Services (OFS) capabilities give us the ability to offer comprehensive market-leading drilling and completion services that span the entire drilling value chain.

It has also led us to achieve record-breaking performance and efficiency levels, and has helped to create considerable savings in well time and cost. Additionally, it has increased our reliability and enhanced our competitiveness by delivering better well economics, ensuring we offer our clients ever more cost-effective services.

These services include directional drilling, surface logging services (SLS), wireline services, cased hole logging, pressure pumping as well as drilling and completion fluids.

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